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Cloud computing is fundamentally changing the conversation between Business and IT. Enterprise infrastructures are evolving from static physical infrastructure, to virtual, to Infrastructure-As-A-Service (IaaS), to Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS). The evolution is shifting towards highly virtual and beyond to Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC).

Today, enterprises of all sizes have discovered the benefits of using virtualization. The ability to run multiple virtual machines (VMs) on a single host enables enterprises to do more with less. Virtualization provides a key building block for your next generation cloud computing datacenters.

Though several vendors have stepped up their virtualization offerings to the market, a void remains in the undeveloped area of automated management of those virtualized environments once they are in place. As the number of virtual assets increase, IT quickly find themselves in fire-fighting mode. Existing IT management tools are passive, reactive solutions designed for static element management. They are not virtualization aware and are unable to take into account the shared resource dependency between host and virtual machine.

The need for automated methods for holistic visibility and policy-driven active procedures quickly become a necessity in managing the new dynamic resource environment.

VirtualIQ Cloud OS



Automate daily workflow for role-based access control, business service requests, provisioning, operation, decommisioning and archiving.



Automate scaling up/down of resources based on workload and/or time-based conditions to meet your service level objectives.



Powerful back-end provides IT control over automation level go from manual, to semi-automated to fully automated business service delivery.



Use business policies to allocate IT resources on demand. IT can focus on proactive planning of when and where to add more resources.

ToutVirtual aims to end the reactionary mode of IT operations with its patented VirtualIQ technology platform. Enterprises can efficiently manage and control their cloud computing infrastructures with VirtualIQ - both cross platform (hypervisor/cloud agnostic) and multi-tiered. It is the critical solution to enable automated management of cloud computing infrastructures.

VirtualIQ is easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use cloud technology platform for building private, public and hybrid cloud environments. VirtualIQ, with its centralized "single-pane of glass" management console, allows organizations to quickly and easily obtain a holistic view and control of their cloud infrastructure based on top-level business policy objectives. VirtualIQ provides the automation stack for system-wide orchestration and service-level management for an end-to-end virtualized cloud computing infrastructure with global visibility, policy-based control, provisioning, capacity planning, performance management, role-based access control, audit-trails, compliance, governance and more.

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About Us

ToutVirtual, Inc develops and commercializes cutting-edge technologies backed by an umbrella of seminal patent and patents-pending.

ToutVirtual, Inc. pioneered automated control technology that is at the core of cloud computing and mobile internet. This technology is essential for scaling software-defined infrastructures. As early developers of the concept and technology underlying the cloud-enabling virtualization management layer, the company has been awarded a market-defining patent - "Virtual Systems Management" with additional patents pending. ToutVirtual's foundational patent covers key aspects of automated control of virtualized infrastructures in all next generation datacenters. This essential patent 8,799,431 has been cited over 189 times by all key technology players in the market.

ToutVirtual, Inc was founded in 2005 by serial entrepreneurs with multiple successful M&A exits to large-cap NASDAQ corporations.

Leadership Team


Jess Marinez

Founder | President
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Jess Marinez brings more than 25 years of technology startup experience to the company with the last 10 years in key management and leadership roles. Just prior to ToutVirtual, Marinez was president of eCritical, Inc., an end user experience management company, which he helped found in 2001. Spearheading the company's eventual sale to Quest Software (now part of DELL) in 2003, Marinez stayed with Quest Software during the two-year transition period until 2005. From 1998 to 2000, Marinez was vice president of business development at CACI Products Company, a manufacturer of design and simulation software for network engineering. At CACI Products Company, Marinez was instrumental in facilitating the company's sale to Compuware, Inc. In addition, Marinez has held executive positions with Calista (which was sold to Cisco) and numerous other technology companies.
Marinez has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California.

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Vipul Pabari

Founder | CTO
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Vipul Pabari brings more than 17 years of management, product and partner strategy expertise in bringing innovative solutions to market. Pabari is responsible for charting the strategy for our intellectual property, technology platform and market positioning. Prior to ToutVirtual, Pabari was founder and CTO of eCritical, Inc., an end user experience management company, where he led the development of its patent portfolio and web application analytics appliance which was licensed by Sniffer Technologies (McAfee) for worldwide distribution. Quest Software (DELL) acquired eCritical in 2003 with Pabari assuming the role of CTO for end user experience. From 1996 to 2000, Pabari was at CACI Products Company partnering with industry leaders to develop network analytics software for topology and traffic patterns resulting into multiple OEM licensing deals. Pabari was a key member of diversification team which led to an acquisition by its partner Compuware.
Pabari holds a Bachelor of Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College, University of London, UK; a Masters of Engineering from Widener University, Pennsylvania; and has been awarded 5 patents with additional patents-pending.

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Industry Analyst Perspetive

Operational InefficienciesMulti-function tools that can manage across a variety of environments, such as VirtualIQ, are increasingly needed by IT to monitor and control their virtualized resources. This type of software provides leverage so that IT can efficiently manage the increasing complexity of virtualized infrastructures and virtual machines.Operational Inefficiencies

Access to cloud computing capacityIn an easy-to-use, functional and affordable interface, VirtualIQ Pro help users get greater value from virtualization deployments by integrating, in a single console, several core disciplines like capacity planning, load-balancing and automated VM management.Access to cloud computing capacity

Cost ReductionsToutVirtual : Something New and Different in virtualization. Design is easy to use, even for the technically-challenged. Cost is hundreds versus the thousands of dollars charged by competitors.Cost Reductions

Business ContinuityLike ToutVirtual, we see a future of heterogeneous virtualization platforms - both bare-metal hypervisors from VMware, the Xen open source project and Microsoft, and operating-system-hosted virtualization from Microsoft, Sun, SWsoft and VMware. IT operators and systems administrators are going to want platform-neutral, performance aware management tools to run across all these. ToutVirtual is already selling one.Business Continuity

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