What's in your cloud?

You check the contents of your Cloud

Proactive Cloud risk management

The Risky Business of Cloud

What is Your Cloud Intangible Risks?

A cloud intangible risk is a situation that could materially affect
your Cloud operations if it occurs

The size of your Cloud intangible risk is determined by the likelihood of its occurrence
and the size of the impact if it occurs

There is a direct correlation between Cloud intangible risk and your enterprise value

How Big is the Intangible Risk?

Cloud Financial Risks

Industry analysts estimate that enterprise Cloud adoption worldwide is rising at 30% CAGR
The Cloud marketplace has been a boon for Cloud operators, customers, partners, application developers and end users alike
84% of enterprise value is due to its intangible assets
Growing Cloud marketplace = Growing financial risk exposure

Four Ways to Manage Your Cloud Risks



Focus should be to reduce the likelihood of Cloud risk occurrence



Focus should be on reducing the impact of the Cloud risk



Move the impact of the Cloud risk to an external party



Proactively decide to accept the consequences (impact) of the Cloud risk

ToutVirtual ShieldIQ

Risk Management As A Service

ShieldIQ - Risk Management-As-A-Service (RMaaS) for Cloud, Legal and Insurance marketplace


Cloud Risk Assurance

Access to Cloud intangible assets for
mitigating Cloud risks


Cloud Risk Management Expertise

Access to preventive and defensive Cloud intelligence for residual risk management


Proactive Risk Management

Proactive Cloud risk asset aggregation to further reduce Cloud risk exposure

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About ToutVirtual, Inc

  • We are a financial technology company offering Risk Management-as-a-Service (RMaaS) to address the needs of the Cloud, Legal and the Insurance marketplaces
  • We are Cloud innovators taking a leadership role to help the Cloud industry manage growing risks
  • We are the first mover in the Cloud market with technology inventions
  • ~ Our seminal Cloud patent portfolio has an early filing date of 2005 ~
  • ~ 320+ forward patent citations including all major Cloud industry leaders ~
  • Founded in 2005 by serial entrepreneurs with a track record of multiple successful M&A exits to large-cap NASDAQ-traded companies

Leadership Team


Jess Marinez

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Jess Marinez is a founder of ToutVirtual and brings more than 25 years of technology startup experience to the company with the last 10 years in key management and leadership roles. Just prior to ToutVirtual, Marinez was president of eCritical, Inc., an end user experience management company, which he helped found in 2001. Spearheading the company's eventual sale to Quest Software (now part of DELL) in 2003, Marinez stayed with Quest Software during the two-year transition period until 2005. From 1998 to 2000, Marinez was vice president of business development at CACI Products Company, a manufacturer of design and simulation software for network engineering. At CACI Products Company, Marinez was instrumental in facilitating the company's sale to Compuware, Inc. In addition, Marinez has held executive positions with Calista (which was sold to Cisco) and numerous other technology companies.
Marinez has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California.

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Vipul Pabari

Chief Innovation Officer
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Vipul Pabari is a founder of ToutVirtual and brings more than 17 years of management, product and partner strategy expertise in bringing innovative solutions to market. Prior to ToutVirtual, Pabari was founder and CTO of eCritical, Inc., an end user experience management company, where he led the development of its patent portfolio and web application analytics appliance which was licensed by Sniffer Technologies (McAfee) for worldwide distribution. Quest Software (DELL) acquired eCritical in 2003 with Pabari assuming the role of CTO for end user experience. From 1996 to 2000, Pabari was at CACI Products Company partnering with industry leaders to develop network analytics software for topology and traffic patterns resulting into multiple OEM licensing deals. Pabari was a key member of diversification team which led to an acquisition by its partner Compuware.
Pabari holds a Bachelor of Information Systems Engineering from Imperial College, University of London, UK; a Masters of Engineering from Widener University, Pennsylvania; and has been awarded 6 patents with additional patents-pending.

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